Link Lock

The Superior way to join jewellery together.

Link Lock

Why use Link Lock?

Link Lock is an Internationally patented self-closing jump ring that has proven to be the correct method for joining jewellery together. Link Lock makes the retail store the expert and saves manufacturing jewellers trouble and time; finally small jobs are small jobs!

A huge success

Link Lock has been used in Australia and New Zealand successfully for some time. In 2005 we supplied 778 000 units to the Australian and New Zealand markets alone. Link lock has been reported as a leading findings seller in these markets.

Simple to use

Link Lock is easier to install than a watch battery. It is as simple as fitting a non-soldered jump ring between two pieces of jewellery, but is capable of replacing a soldered jump ring. Click here to find out how to use Link Lock.

Strong and safe

Link Lock replaces a soldered joint yet is secured without having to actually solder. Link Lock can lift 50000 times its own weight in silver and gold. Click here to find out about Link Lock testing / quality.

The problems that Link Lock solves

Some troubles we faced in our retail stores when soldering included:

  • Discolouring
  • Acid stain
  • Enamel damage
  • Removing the lacquer used on some new jewellery to protect its finish
  • Blowing hollow charms
  • Malfunctioning the spring on a lobster claw or parrot catch
  • Having the responsibility of keeping customers jewellery on premises
  • Our sales staff taking too much time to complete paper work for repairs
  • Contacting out customers to pick up their jewellery once repaired

But the worst problem of all was the inconvenience to the customer having their jewellery repaired.

These problems completely disappeared as any of our sales staff could join two pieces of jewellery together in one or two minutes with a Link Lock as professionally as a qualified jeweller. Link Lock often produces a more professional join than a soldered joint; because in a ten-minute repair on the bench a lot of problems can occur. This is why our invention is so successful and has become one of the leading findings sellers in Australia and New Zealand.

The success of Link Lock

If you make the decision to use this product, we assure you that you will have the same success as we had. To our knowledge, anyone that has used Link Lock still uses Link Lock. The amount of time, money and trouble jewellery stores and manufacturing jewellers now save with Link Lock is too hard to ignore. Customer satisfaction and word of mouth makes successful business, so use Link Lock and make your customers happy customers.

How to use Link Lock

Attach your jewellery the same as you would a jump ring.

Link Lock detail drawing

Step 1
Holding your jewellery press the two ends of the Link Lock together with a pair of pliers, to a closed position with the notch in the barrel.

Step 2
Using a pair of pliers push the flap down to permanently lock the Link Lock.

Your jewellery is now securely joined together without using a solder joint.

Link Lock testing and quality

Link Lock weight strength test.

Engineer Laboratory Testing

Below are our three major tests that prove our joiner invention, Link Lock, is far superior in comparison to any other method of joining jewellery together. Before Link Lock no other fastly executed joint of jewellery could perform well in these tests. This is why jewellery still had to be soldered together.

Twisting strength test

Link Lock Twisting Strength Test.

Our twisting strength test turns the Link Lock 180 degrees and no damage is evident. To the left is a diagram of the testing method, recovered from the twisting strength test report.

Wearing Capacity Test

Link Lock Wearing Capacity Test

Our wearing capacity test proves our locking mechanism does not break under this vibrating test, which has 2kgs of pressured weight on it at all times. The time of constant vibration lasts from 50 to 60 hours before the top or the bottom of the link wears through and breaks. To the left is a diagram of the testing method and a wear % versus hours graph, recovered from the wearing capacity test report.

Weight Strength Test

Link Lock Weight Strength Test

Link Lock lifts more than 6kg in weight, which is more than 50000 times its own weight. Above is a diagram of the testing method, recovered from the weight strength test report.

Other Unsuccessful Jewellery Joining Methods

Jewellery that is wired together with a piece of gold wire in the form of an unsoldered jump ring is not secure and this method should not be accepted. We tested unsoldered jump rings with the same wire thickness as a Link Lock and a weight stress of only 500g in the wearing capacity test. After only ten hours of vibrating the jump ring opened up. This explains why so many people lose their jewellery.

Technical Notes: The closed 9ct gold Link Lock used in testing has a diameter from top to bottom of 5.5mm, weighs 0.104g and has a wire size of 0.90mm.