Where can I buy Link Lock and other Link Lock Products?

Link Lock

Link Lock is available from leading retailers across the world.

If your jeweller does not have Link Lock, tell them you would like to use it and give them our website, or print a brochure from our website for their reference. Help keep the world's jewellery safe, secure and strong. Use Link Lock.

Have your jewellery safely attached in-store and save your precious time and money. If your jewellery is delicate do not risk it being damaged by allowing your jeweller solder your precious investment. Remember; jewellery is an expensive investment and should last a lifetime, make sure your investment stays secure, use Link Lock to attach it.

Do not accept inferior methods for joining your jewellery together especially a jump ring that has not been soldered. A jump ring is a commonly used link but is only safe when soldered shut. If there is currently an inferior joint holding your jewellery together, have a Link Lock attached immediately and keep your investment safe.